Joyce Brown, PhD, ND, EFT

Joyce Brown, PhD, ND, EFT

Diagnosed in 1988 at age 54

Dr. Joyce was diagnosed with ALS in May of 1988.

She had severe problems with weak muscles and choking on her own saliva. Along with having to wear both a neck and ankle brace, constant twitching and atrophy of her muscles, she had great difficulty walking or holding her head up. Communicating became more and more difficult as she lost most of her voice.

She went to a top M.D. who also specialized in homeopathy and acupuncture. He diagnosed her with ALS and Myasthenia Gravis, MG. Though in shock and disbelief, she decided to start homeopathic treatments immediately. Not believing she had ALS, she consulted two other doctors who gave her the same diagnosis. Still in denial, she consulted a Neurologist familiar with ALS. His testing and diagnosis was: ALS with 5 months to live!

She continued her treatments which also included heart-felt prayers, dietary changes, along with meditating and listening to unique Sleep Teaching with positive affirmations from her own recordings "Whispers for Life and Prosperity" and "Whispers for Miraculous Results."

Miraculously, with God's power, she was healed of ALS and had no after effects, even completely recovering her voice, all within 16 weeks.

Moving forward with new energy and resilience, she became a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. She continues to work with world renowned scientists, quantum physicists, medical doctors, and health specialists.

While in practice as an N.D., Dr. Joyce was credited with improving and saving many lives. She continues this today. At present time, she has received six Lifetime Achievement Awards in the natural health field. Even though she is in a power chair because of an auto accident in 2003 which left her with continuous, extreme pain, and in 2014 lost much of her vision, she remains very active. Now almost 86 years of age, with a vibrant voice, she is a professional speaker, coach, counselor and President of the faith based, non- denominational, non-profit organization, "Stress And Grief Relief, Inc."

She helps people change stress to success and find their true purpose for living, with unique coping techniques for depression, anger management and suicide prevention. She has authored many books, including the best seller: "God’s Heavenly Answers: Near Death Experience Revealed." Her forthcoming book: "Divine Miracles After Death, My Life Before" and "After ALS: Heavenly Answers For Earthly Questions."

Dr. Joyce works tirelessly as a Chaplain, sharing God's message of hope, reasons for living and the reality that there is life after life! She continues helping others with crisis management, including troubled teens, inmates, and all others needing her specials skills. Her favorite title is HRE, "Heavenly Retirement Expert." She understands the true value of our limited Earth Time and wants to share the knowledge obtained in her Near Death Experience of 1983. Her websites are and