About The Conference Organizers

The mission of the 2019 Healing ALS Conference is to educate people diagnosed with ALS (PALS), families and medical professionals on holistic methods to reverse ALS. These methods include nutrition/diet, supplements, detoxification, reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, mind-body strategies, emotional healing and stress management.

The conference is hosted by:

  • HealingALS.org was founded in 2011 by Patricia Tamowski and Scott Douglas to educate people about holistic protocols for ALS; to provide solid proof that ALS can be reversed in the form of medical, video and written documentation; to provide access to PALS who are committed to holistic healing; to provide individualized support in finding and working with medical professionals; and to learn from and support PALS in their own research to find solutions that work for them; and,
  • ALSHeroes.com was founded in 2018 by Drs. Shelena and Ayeez Lalji with the goal of bringing awareness and innovation to an ALS cure, including treating and managing the disease, instead of considering it to be terminal. Ayeez was diagnosed with ALS in 2017. In February 2019 ALS Heroes brought together holistic medical practitioners and scientists from around the world to study efficacy of holistic protocols for ALS that are available today. Their medical advisory board has some of the most well-respected doctors in the functional medical community.

The HealingALS Conference Team consists of PALS who have been successful in reversing ALS symptoms, medical professionals, family members, caregivers, and benefactors with a passion to see the prognosis for those with ALS change.

  • Patricia Tamowski Journalist, co-founder, Healing Advocates
  • Alan "Scott" Douglas, Documentary Filmmaker, HealingALS
  • Shelena C. "Dr. Shel" Lalji, MD, FACOG, Founder of ALS Heroes
  • Steven Bishop, diagnosed ALS 2001
  • Evy McDonald, MSN, MDiv, DMin, diagnosed ALS 1980
  • Kay Cherry, husband Kim diagnosed with ALS 2011
  • Steven Arscott, diagnosed ALS 2013
  • Lori Sloderbeck, RDH, ALS caregiver
  • Indu Navar, husband Peter diagnosed with ALS 2018
  • Deb Wotherspoon, chemist, ALS caregiver
  • Gunther Schopfer, diagnosed ALS 2017